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Ovogodišnja, peta međunarodna Javacro konferencija, održava se na Crvenom otoku kraj Rovinja - u hotelu Istra, od 18. do 20. svibnja. Očekuje se više od 260 polaznika i više od 55 predavanja koja će se paralelno odvijati u 4 konferencijske dvorane. 

Pregled predavanja moguće je pronaći - ovdje >>>

Na ovogodišnkjoj konferenciji predstavljat će nas tri predavača - prezentirajući različite teme:

Četvrtak, 19.5.2016. u 18:00, Dvorana A

Antonio Katušić - Angular 2 a new weapon in developers arsenal;
Overview of Angular 2 and what it brings us. Why is Angular 2 improvement over Angular 1? Will the Angular 2 manage to become the most popular and successful framework for applications? What are the true benefits of using Angular 2?

Petak: 20.5.2016. u 15:00, Dvorana 4 - Mali klub

Mato Stanić - Smart building model - control with Raspberry pi and android application;
Review of existing solutions for the control and management system in smart buildings. The development of a simple computer system for control and management systems within the building using the Raspberry Pi and Android application.

Petak: 20.5.2016. u 16:20, Dvorana C

Igor Buzatović - Kafka and the Processes,
Kafka, better known as Apache Kafka, is technology originally developed at LinkedIn, open sourced in 2011. and from 2014. developed by newly created company Confluent.It's basically message broker system focusing on scalability, high throughput, fault tolerance and low latency. This presentation aims to show basic concepts behind Kafka and consider some use case scenarios. We 'll also see small demonstration which is used to visualise message consummation process with focus on consumer groups also called "logical consumers" and how Kafka re-balances messages between consumer nodes in case of adding/removing nodes or node crash/recover scenario.